The dream is not over: Raul Seixas and the New Aeon

Lecture on 54 International Congress of Americanists. Vienna, Austria. 17.07.2012


Author: Vitor Cei (UFMG)

The subject that invites and gathers us to think is Raul Seixas´ conception of the New Aeon, thinking about its historical constitution, its values and consequences to the contemporary society. Elaborated by the English writer Aleister Crowley in the beginning of the twentieth century, this doctrine stimulated existential trajectories of g reat refutable power, making him the counterculture guru. Raul Seixas, a son of the postwar period who followed the counterculture movement and sang against the Brazilian dictatorship, made from his poetical creation the social spirit from his time. In this meaning, the main objective of this research is understanding how the New Aeon can be considered an artistic practice of peace. In this dialog with Seixas, it’s possible to find a memory of the tensions that occurred in Brazil during the military dictatorial times. In this meaning, we look for the resonances in his work of the questions that aim his time: authoritarism, censorship, violent conflicts, violation of human rights and cultural industry. When the wind flied and swept the old streets, the world could glimpse the beginning of a new age.


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